Best travel countries

best travel countries

“Ireland has some of the lushest emerald scenery in the world. And it comes in all shapes and sizes," says Geoff Hill, Telegraph Travel's Ireland.
Which country is the best to travel to? The options are endless and vary from person to person. Do you prefer to experience great nightlife in the hottest cities.
Planning where to visit for your next holiday? Check out Rough Guides' annual list of the top 10 countries to visit in 2017 for travel inspiration.

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Delve deeper into these regions with more picks from our experts. It is the ideal place to lose yourself in the expanses of forest and lake, go on bear watching tours, spot golden eagles. The Rough Guide to Kenya. Tanzania, United Republic of. And no trip to the country is complete without a glass of port wine from the Douro Valley.

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No two travel experiences are alike. For more on what to eat, see, and do in Greece, click here. Submerge yourself in Myanmar's water world. Bored by craft beer? The rocky outcrop-studded region of Palawan in particular has been catching the eye of more adventurous travellers. Even for countries we have both visited we may have had very different experiences.