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Europe Forum: Hello all - My husband and I are planning our trip to Spain and Portugal and are hoping for some advice on our tentative itinerary.
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Marrakech We've made it to Marrakech, a place of pretty architecture, a bustling medina and shopping opportunities galore. I learned so much about the history and religion of Spain. If you haven't yet, get a guide book of Lisbon. She took such good care of us! We want you to be empowered and will provide you with an opportunity to become a leader and grow your self-confidence!

Rec for carryon bag - European sized. This cuts down on your moving around and gives you three days to explore Seville. I'm thinking one week in Portugal and one week in Spain. Seville Our next stop is calling, and it's going to be a winner. We must be doing something right!

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Our African odyssey has come to an end. Our tour guides were amazing - so well-informed and friendly.