Category bildgalleriet expedition marrakech dakar april

category bildgalleriet expedition marrakech dakar april

Portail officiel du MESR Sénégal: Cérémonie de clôture - Consultation régionale de l'ADEA à Dakar. Mercredi, 15 juin Ministère de l'Enseignement  Termes manquants : category ‎ bildgalleriet ‎ expedition ‎ april.
JOIN US JUST FOR YOUR PREFERRED PART OF THE EXPEDITION tribal kings and dancing masks, then Dakar, the most cosmopolitan Western African.
28 days expedition, a cross-section of Africa. On the Trans-Sahara caravan route, from the desert to the savanna and the forest. Ending with the remotest tropical  Termes manquants : category ‎ bildgalleriet ‎ april....

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Our ship navigation will end in a small island on the estuary of the Rio Casamance. Trans-Sahara experience via the lost oasis of Mauritania, Western Sahara, Dra estuary and troglodyte mountains DAKHLA-MARRAKECH. Many of the older houses feature hand-hewn doors cut from massive ancient acacia trees, which have long disappeared from the surrounding area. Legendary Reguibat and Sahrawi nomads of the still untamed Western Sahara currently annexed to Morocco , the most isolated Berber villages and the last cave-dwelling families. Ait Benhaddou is on the ancient caravan route linking Marrakech with the Sahara. We will leave our vehicles at the port and board on a ferry to Goré Island, facing Dakar.
category bildgalleriet expedition marrakech dakar april

Amatlich Erg dune range is one of the most beautiful dune ranges in the region. Local, authentic cultures: legendary Reguibat and Saharawi nomads of the still untamed Western Sahara, currently part of Morocco. Our route continues following the cliff between the desert and the ocean, category bildgalleriet expedition marrakech dakar april. Morning relax on the spectacular Cape Skirring beaches or visit of the tiny town. Education and Training in Africa. It offers a range of wetland habitats which are very popular with migrating birds, many of which have crossed the Sahara. Les prix indiqués sont TTC. Following a tiny track that climbs rocky valleys through a breathtaking landscape of mountains and desert, our itinerary cross an arid spectacular mountain landscape: category bildgalleriet expedition marrakech dakar april, tabular rocks, rare angeles tours trips tends and tiny Berber villages. From Marrakech, crossing the remote mountains of Djebel Sarhro, to the undiscovered Western Sahara and the high dunes of Mauritania and to the Savannah of northern Senegal. The former Spanish Sahara colony has been the site of a long war between the Polisario Armed Front and the Moroccan army. In the south, sacred forests where animistic traditional religions are still practiced, fetish and shrines in remote villages, tribal kings, dancing masks and initiations in the sacred Archipelago. Vi vildcampade intill ett vattendrag där vi tidigare sett krokodiler. Mötet med världens största noshörningar. From Tan-Tan, the road follows an exciting itinerary through a crag on the edge of Sahara and ocean. From the forest to the savanna.