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Conduction occurs when two object at different temperatures are in contact with each other; Solids are better conductors than liquids and liquids are better conductor than gases. We can test it by holding one end of a 100 mm long metal rod over a fire; it will be a couple of minutes before we feel the heat at the other end. Termes manquants : askscience ‎ comments ‎ ssab....

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They are always moving at the speed of light until they cease to exist. If so, would it be possible to achieve the speed of light? The speed of light being a specific number is not really to do with relativity. As light passes through air, air molecules absorb and re-transmit light, effectively "slowing" light down. Did something happen during the formation of the cosmos that set c to the value it actually occupies rather than half or twice or ten times its current speed? There's no real answer. Are there ANY unknowns that could unlock faster than light travel?