Blog solo traveller australia

blog solo traveller australia

Solo travel in Australia: everything you need to know The country is a great place for solo travellers, particularly first-timers – it's friendly, fun and full of opportunities to meet people. . He blogs at
I'm heading out in November this year, I'm going solo too. Are you planning on working or travelling around? I'm going to work in Melbourne for.
If you're interested in hitting the road to Oz on your own, check our this all- encompassing guide to solo travel in Australia..

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blog solo traveller australia

Going it solo: the Essential Guide for Travelling Alone, "blog solo traveller australia". Photo courtesy of Ho John Lee. When I touched down in Sydney, I met lots of people in my hostel in Bondi Beach and I still talk to some of them to this day. Many people leave out this region but if you have the time it is article budget travel vacation ideas dream trips actually afford travelling to. When are you travelling down there? We are looking at running events in other cities around Australia as our membership numbers grow. Search for Flight Deals Find Hotel Deals. This post is also available in Italian and German. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hump Day Deals: Gerrymandering Simulators, Beginner DJ Consoles, Cheap Quilts For Winter. I became good friends blog solo traveller australia a girl on the Oz Experience bus, who was also traveling solo and we were pretty inseparable for the next few weeks. In Copenhagen, I missed out on Tivoli Gardens, the theme park there: I love fairground rides, but it's more fun with someone. How To Analyse Data Across Different AWS Accounts. I did send a request to join the group. Sometimes I practice doing things I don't really like to do alone while at home — like going to a restaurant I've been meaning to try by myself, or going for brunch to my favourite place. KFC's Tabasco Sauce Chicken: Taste Test. How To Sew A Zipper Into Your Favourite Hoodie. You can also house-sit — click here for a full guide on that — or work as a bartender or server at a local restaurant. Its been said that to visit Australia once leaves you with a burning desire to return. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

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You are using an outdated browser. Australia is beautiful and huge. The climate is mostly arid and dehydration happens quickly, often without many warning signs. Before leaving, scan important travel documents such as passport, insurance papers, tickets and ID, and send them to yourself via email. Some hostels allow you to help around the property in exchange for a bed for the night. Working in Australia is a rite of passage and a great way to meet people, get under the skin of the country and fund your travels. Some people prefer a lightweight pocket belt worn under clothing.

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Should I go with a tour group? What Plug Do I Need? Another good suggestion is use a cross-body anti-theft bag for keeping important documents close at all times. Why Your Annoying Boss Micromanages You. Take a ferry ride to Rottnest Island to be carefree and car-free. Can I drink the water? Some hostels allow you to help around the property in exchange for a bed for the night.